We appreciate the art of writing so much that we wish to provide a very conducive platform for display of writing skills and satisfaction of inner desire to write. We are like a public address system sending forth your faint voice to the large audience across the world – adding a voice to your voice.

Our interest is not restricted provided your contribution remains within the confine of universal modesty, and it is non-provocative in any way. You can write in any field of life depending on your area of interest. Freearticle accepts prose fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, interviews, book reviews, profiles, news and articles from any field.

Our purpose

Freearticle is born out of the need to help writers enjoy their passion. There are a lot of writing websites where people write and post for free, yet they are not discouraged because it is more of a hobby than a task. We understand that writers use their resources to do this, and we ask why can’t writers earn from their hobby just as footballers earn from what they love doing.

Writing, as pleasurable as it could be, is very engaging. It takes time, money and energy. We at Ereearticle decide to find a means where writers can benefit from their writing by getting paid for their submissions. At least if you don’t get enough to build a house, you don’t have to worry about buying a biro, paper or data for your computer. Let the fun not be expensive so that everyone can participate.

Those who are looking forward to making a living through writing also have the opportunity to do so through Freearticle.

Go on! 

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You may decide to become a full member by registering. This enables you to make your posts personally, and edit your page as you choose. In this case, your full profile is required, including your photo and a brief description of your interests.

To do this, go to the login page and click on register. You will be sent a password in your email which you can change when you choose to. With the login information provided, you always log in and personally publish you articles.

Enjoy you participation


  1. Erotic publications of whatever kind in whatever form are not acceptable.
  2. inflammatory write-ups in whatever form directed at individuals or groups are not acceptable.
  3. Any negatively inciting publications such that could promote fraudulent activities are not acceptable on this website.

Non-conformity to any of the above guidelines will lead to your withdrawal or complete ban from using Freearticle.net as a registered member.


You can earn money on Freearticle if you want to. It’s easy.  There are a lot of people who have good writing skills and are willing to put them to good use. You probably have been publishing your articles videos, pictures and other stuff for free online and you are beginning to feel that you should begin to earn something from them. On Freearticle, you can make a life time income and enjoy your writing pleasure.

How do you earn on Freearticle.com?

Publish your articles; paste your chosen adverts from which you can earn. NO SHARING OF YOUR INCOME WITH ANYONE, not even Freearticle. When you have published enough articles to apply for Google AdSense account, you can get your account and start earning directly through you account.


  1. No sharing of your earning with anyone.
  2. Your articles can be edited for free.
  3. You publish for free. All expenditure for maintenance of this site is handled by the administrator.
  4. You can edit your article whenever you choose.
  5. You can unpublish your submissions anytime.
  6. You can always get assistance from the administrators.
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