Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss in women is becoming a common experience. More and more women now complain of thinning hair. Reasons abound to account for these causes of hair loss in women. Often, it is as a result of hormonal imbalance. Hair loss could come as an after effect of surgery or pregnancy.

Hair loss in women can be as a result of medications such as birth control pill, blood thinners, or anti fungal medication. Women who have had chemotherapy treatment have sometimes experienced hair loss. These are just a few of the many causes of hair loss in women, but this is not something to worry about. These are rare cases, especially as they come through treatment of an ailment. Recovery from such cases are very possible.

Diseases and Hair Loss in Women

There are diseases capable of causing hair loss in both men and women. A person with diabetes is likely to experience hair loss as a warning sign. There would be need for tests in other to rule this or any other disease out as the cause of someone’s hair loss before he takes any further action.

When Is Hair Loss In Women Normal?

Experts of hair predict that about seven percent of a woman’s hair is in a resting period. This resting period can stay for about three months. After the resting period, new hair begins to grow back, and it could take up to 6 years to grow out. In this situation, it is normal, and there should not be any cause for alarm. Hair expert posit that approximately ninety percent of all hair is growing at one time. It is normal to experience hair loss on a daily basis.

Tying of the hair is one of the causes of hair loss in women

How have you been handling your hair? The way you treat your hair can bring about hair loss. When you always tie your hair to the back, either in pigtails or ponytails, you can be subjecting it to a condition called Alopecia. This is a condition that creates scar on the scalp which consequentially prevents the growth of new hair. The hair root is damaged and hair cannot grow out of it anymore unless it heals completely. Just be careful how you tie your hair. Some hairs may be able to withstand the stress, but yours may not be that hair. Know what is good for your hair. Hair problems are not the same for all hair textures.

Permming and coloration of the hair as a cause of hair loss in women

In a bid to style their hair, women sometimes tend to perm or colour their hair. Perming is done either by heating of the hair or application of some chemical substance. There activities affect the health of the hair. The hair follicles are damaged and the scalp is most times scarred. In many cases, it is not noticed by the owners at the instance, and when the hair loss becomes obvious, they begin to wonder how it happens.

It is important that if you have to perm your hair, you should be sure that you consult an expert who can recommend the best permming product for your hair. That way, you will reduce the tendency of exposing your hair to stress that could result in hair loss.

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