Free Editorial Service

We offer free editorial services for items published on Freearticle. For other works, there is a amount to be paid by the manuscript owner. However, we are flexible as to offer you the opportunity to test our services. Your first 1000 words will be edited for free; and if you are satisfied with the work, the remaining of the manuscript will be billed. After the completed work, you have the right to complain if you are not satisfied with what you get eventually. If your entire manuscript is not more than 1000 words, count on us to edit it for free. It is our way of contributing to your success.

We offer editorial services to authors at a very affordable rate, especially at the moment. We will ensure that your manuscript is rid of language problems – grammatical, spelling, common errors or second/foreign language errors.

For your research paper

If you are a researcher, it is important that you edit your grammar before sending your manuscript to any reputable publisher. It is better your paper is faulted on something else rather than language. This can smear your reputation.

For book

No conventional publisher will accept to publish a book full of language errors. Therefore, you need to have your manuscript well prepared grammatically before sending it for publication. If your interest is self-publishing, understand that you may waste resources having to correct grammatical errors after your work is already printed. This is a reason why you would need Freearticle to help make your book ready for publication. Would you rather spend on reprinting over and over again?


You will not find a better offer anywhere else, we believe. Refund is as easy as saying it if you are not satisfied with the job. Refund could be full or partial; but the very important part of our service is that you have no reason to fear about losing your money. The prices given below are negotiable after your manuscript is viewed.

Academic papers: $5 per 1000 words.

Academic books: $4 per 1000 words.

Stories: $2 per 1000 words.

We look forward to working with you.

Understand that we work on your language related problems only.

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