Resilience is another focused idea in Dylan Thomas’ “Do not go gentle into that good night”. It is true that resilient people always get what they want. These are people who are not discouraged by hardship or discouraging statements from people. They make sure they achieve whatever they set out to achieve.

Acceptance of death as a natural occurrence and allowing it to control ones activity in life shows that one is timid. In line one, the persona says, “Do not go gentle into that good night” to mean that one should not give up easily in the face of difficulty. People should not accept defeat when the game is not over. Even if the person feels tired and weak; even if such person is weakened by age as shown in line two, he or she should not surrender at any point in his or her effort to attain something.

Nothing should stop one from achieving his or her interest in life; even death. In ones effort in life, one may be faced with different discouraging experiences. They may be friends, enemies, finances, environmental limitation etc. One should continue without stopping. He or she may eventually overcome the problem.

The poem suggests that one may never achieve anything in life if he or she is controlled fear of death or any form of discouragement. Good men will not have the opportunity to express their potential if they limit their potential by believing that they may not achieve much because of death – “their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay”, line 8. But resilience will keep them going and achieving more than they may even prepare to achieve.

In conclusion, Dylan Thomas is saying that death should not make anyone cut short his or her plans in life. They should resolve in their mind that even though death is real and may come anytime, they will achieve whatever they plan to achieve. That is, resilience can defeat even death.

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